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                                               (Single Needle Knitting)
  Nalbinding is a technique for making a looped textile. The simplest form is similar to a buttonhole stitch.  Fabric made in this technique range from a net type fabric to a heavy double fabric that when worked in wool can be felted to make an even warmer fabric.
  Archaeological examples have been found in the Middle East and China.
  A lot of the early finds of Nalbinding were miss identified as knitting, however this is changing and these finds are being reevaluated and the identification is being changed where needed.
  A Nalbinding hat was found with the mummies found in the Tarim Basin, China estimated to be around 3000 years old.
  In a tomb at Skydstrup a blouse with an edging dome in the Nalbinding technique was found, also mentioned was a hair net, this tomb was dated to 1300 1580 BC.
From the dig at Dura Europos in Syria they have found several examples, some of them being scrapes that are to small to figure out what the items may have originally been.
  In Egypt and Israel they have found toed sandal socks. Most of what has been found in Europe is mittens, socks and gloves.
  From this evidence it appears that the technique we are calling Nalbinding was fairly widespread, and very old.
  It appears that when regular knitting was introduced Nalbinding went out of favor, however in Scandinavia and in parts of the mountainous area of Central Asia it is as common as regular knitting is here
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